How To Easily Transform Your Home And Celebrate The Season

Colder weather means spending more time indoors, so I like to prepare my home to become a special place to enjoy being inside during the dreary, chilly months of fall and winter. 

Simple Steps To Transform Your Space 

It’s easy to create a mood to fit the season with a few simple additions or swaps to existing design elements. With any of the following changes, you can create a warm space and transform your home for the fall:

Building A Comfy Bed

On cold fall nights, there is nothing more delicious then wrapping up in a thick fleece blanket. It’s simple to add over the top of the bedding and it instantly transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary from the cooler weather. Winter nights are cold, but you don’t want to roast in your bed by overdoing the flannel and fleece bedding. The best year-round sheets are Percale that stay cool without feeling cold. They keep you warm but if you get too toasty, just roll over and you’ll find these sheets feeling cool enough to bring you back to an ideal sleeping temp. 

Lauren Davenport Designs Atlanta Interior Designer fall blanket bedroom idea .jpeg

Adding “Seasoning”

Just like in cooking, you can season your home for the season. Add more spice colors to the table settings like placements, linen napkins, and a runner. Bring in the outdoors with fall flowers like golden mums that can take center stage on a mantel or standing sentinel on either end, or change the planted container on the kitchen table to fall plants like lavender with ornamental grasses dotted through with pansies for more color

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Living Room Warm-Up

Everyone ends up indoors, seeking shelter from the cold, so we gather in the living room where I make us a place to snuggle up and read, watch TV, or talk with a few simple additions. Onto chairs and the couch, I add throws in luxurious fabrics like cashmere or a heavy faux fur that instantly chase away the cold. I love these natural rattan basket from Noah J and CO. a a warm Bristol throw from B.D. Jeffries. With a few pillows in large, umber-and-rust color checks or a neutral alpaca, I layer in patterns and fabrics to create interest and warmth. To really set a comfy mood, I swap out my candles from the soft and floral scents of summer to more masculine and woodsy fragrances (think sandalwood and eucalyptus).

Getting Your Seasonal Décor 

There are many other ways to add a fresh new look to your home and celebrate the season. For more about how to transform your space, contact me today!